How to use WordConstructor

There are two modes you can choose from: 'Change' and 'Construct'


Type in any word and click 'Generate'. A random amount of letters will be changed, whereas vowels will be exchanged for vowels and consonants for consonants.
e.g. "Thomas" becomes "Thocat", "Thomar", "Whiwat" and so on.
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You can put a part of your word in parentheses "( )" to avoid this part being changed.
e.g. "Tho(ma)s" becomes "Ghimas", "Khoman" and so on.
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Enter any combination of 1 and 0 whereas 1 stands for consonants and 0 for vowels.
e.g. "10101" generates "welid", "tebus".
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Any letters entered will be ignored, so if you have a word and you want to add an ending try something like this: "Sun100" generates "Suntea", "Suntoe", "Sunnyu".
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Choose a language

Choosing the language affects which letters will be applied as well as the
frequency of occurrence of a specific letter. If you select German, there will be letters
like ä and ü and the letter e will occur more frequently, since it is more used in the German language than in English.

The slider

Click on the slider and drag it to the right. You'll see the percentage increase. The higher the percentage, the more the word will sound like the language you selected.
This is somewhat experimental.


If you like a word, click save and it will be saved in the 'Generated Words' list at the bottom
of the page.
These words are saved only temporary, as long as your browser is open. Once you close your browser, all the words will be deleted.

'Generated Words' list*

This is the list with the words you saved.

If there’s a word you like, but it's not exactly what you want, click on 'edit' and the word will be copied in the form field on top of the page, and you can work on it.
Use this link to search on Google for the new word you created. Find out whether the word already exists and what it means.
Delete a word from the list.

Delete all*

Delete the whole list of saved words.

Print List*

Opens a new printer friendly window with all your saved words.


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